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It’s rare that we see a reference to cigars in mainstream media – whether it be newspaper, television or on-the-air radio.
Sure, there’s numerous Social Media sources for cigar references via cigar pages/groups, podcasts and cigar radio shows.
But the opportunity to learn about cigars and cigar lounges is a bit of a rarity in a daily newspaper.

So I was pleased to see this article in the January 19.19 edition of The Globe and Mail by Kevin Spreekmeester who details some of his favourite things to do in Naples FL.

My favourite cigars come from my favourite cigar lounge, Freedom Fine Cigars.
Try their great-quality, but inexpensive house-brand cigars while stopping by for a friendly chat, live music and a glass or beer or wine.
Ask for Randall. He knows his stuff‘”
.. a noteworthy assessment from the author, Kevin Spreekmeester.


What’s important about this article is that it does exactly what cigars need at this time:
It brings cigars into mainstream media.
It alerts people to a cigar-destination.
It reminds people that cigars are something to be enjoyed no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Freedom Fine Cigars seems like a marvellous establishment, one which I hope to visit one day soon.

If you’re in Naples, FL, make this cigar lounge one of your destinations:
Freedom Fine Cigars

2260 Tamiami Trl E
Naples, FL – 34112

Freedom Fine Cigars

Freedom Fine Cigars supports Cigar Rights of America.
I encourage everyone to visit the CRA website to check out the latest legislative news concerning premium cigars.
If you’re not a member, please join and help protect premium cigars and the lounges in which we enjoy them – Your Great American Cigar Shops™ in USA

Cigar Rights of America


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