En Fuego Hand Rolled Panetela Natural

EnFuego PanetelaWhen it comes to cigars, the Panetela is my favourite vitola.
It’s an “hour-long cigar” that, when made right, smokes beautifully.
The reason I emphasize it takes an hour to smoke is because that’s the most important consideration when selecting a cigar – the amount of time you have to smoke it.
There’s no point in lighting up a Churchill when you’ve only got an hour or less to smoke it.  Choose a vitola that matches the time you have to smoke it.
That’s equally important as selecting a cigar that is pleasant on your palate.

180711 En Fuego Cigar Don Antonio in his chair

En Fuego Cigar Lounge has an in-house cigar roller who makes a variety of sizes and blends of cigars.

Master Roller Don Antonio has been both a vital part and a star attraction at En Fuego for many years.
His cigars are legendary.
Check the link below for the YouTube video of Don Antonio, courtesy of En Fuego Cigars.

Cigar Roll
Every cigar that goes through Don Antonio’s expert touch is perfect, with quality tobacco and impressive wrapper leaf.

Like the Lancero, it takes a special touch to ensure a Panetela is rolled just right.
If you’ve ever tried to “roll your own” premium cigar, you’ll get an idea what I’m talking about.

A panetela can range in size anywhere from 5″- 7.5 inches.
The ring gauge can go anywhere from a 34 to a 38.
It’s an elegant shape where the wrapper plays an important role in the over-all flavour register.

Let’s start with the handfeel, which, to me, has an important place in cigar assessment.
There’s several descriptors one can use when talking wrappers and this one has an appealing silky feel.
The handfeel links to the visual effect of a cigar.
En Fuego’s Panatela Natural, is smooth as silk to hold, with literally no visible veins.
It scores a 10 for handfeel & visual perfection.

En FUEGO Custom BlendsRaw Draw
I recommend always taking a “raw” – or “cold” – draw from your cigar before you light it. Many enthusiasts do this to check the draw. Draw can make or break a quality cigar experience and one of the things that is linked to the “burn” of a cigar.

If the filler pack is too loose, there can be burn issues because the fire has too much oxygen between the leaves and it burns too quick.

If the filler pack is too tight, the “draw” is tough; you have to “pull” in the smoke too hard to draw in enough to get good smoke billows – considered a badge of honour for every cigar smoker.

I mean, let’s face it, we often observe how people smoke their cigars. Those who dispense big billows of smoke have a certain look. It’s impressive.

So take a raw draw – check the air passages … but also take in a draw just like you would if you were smoking that cigar. Retro … and you’ll often be surprised just how much flavour & aroma there is from the tobacco leaves even before you might them.

Back to raw draw on the En Fuego House Blend Panetela, it delivered a natural tobacco aroma, which I love as well as a bit of toast & caramel.
It’s a nice, clean, sensational start to the smoking experience.

The Cigar Lighting Experience
Lighting the En Fuego Panetela Natural was super-easy … and it stayed perfectly lit throughout the smoking experience.
Burn line was even from start to finish – a true sign of quality workmanship.

Cigar Endurance
Endurance includes how long a cigar will stay lit between puffs.
I enjoy a cigar so much more when it allows a puff-rate of longer than every 30-60 seconds without needing any correction, like a re-light.
There’s often times when I have to leave the cigar to attend to a task.
The En Fuego Panetela totally delivered the perfect burn from start to finish.
I loved that I could let this cigar rest for a while and upon returning we just picked up again where we left off. This is a cigar that wants to be smoked.
That’s the sign of a quality stick … and a tribute to Master Roller Don Antonio.

This is another one of the most important parts of my smoking assessment.
Retro-hale is the smoke that lifts through the olfactory & exits through your nose.
Retro is what gives an assessed cigar even more … and often different than palate … descriptors to talk about.
With some cigars I’ve experienced the smoke to be, how shall I say it, almost too heavy to lift for a retro.
But not with this one.
The En Fuego Panatela gives an effortless retro, delivering additional aromas of caramel, gingerbread & brown sugar.

Ash fell easily and evenly throughout the smoke.
It’s a blindingly white ash, with striations of light grey.

Great aromas from this cigar … a little herbal, some light sweet brown sugar, & rich coffee. The room note is sweet cinnamon

The En Fuego House Blend Panatela Natural is deliciously good when enjoyed with coffee which is readily available while you relax at En Fuego Cigars & Lounge.

As a matter of fact, this cigar absolutely gets you thinking about a nice rich coffee to cleanse the palate and when you do – much like wine – swish the liquid around in your mouth. Give the coffee a bit of a chewing motion. Doing so intensifies the sweet spice tastes that come from both the smoke & the black coffee.

When in Vegas, En Fuego Cigars & Lounge is conveniently located just 2 blocks west of the Las Vegas Strip on Sahara Ave.
You can also visit En Fuego Cigars at 790 Coronado Center Drive, Henderson, NV.

180623 Michael and Shar En Fuego
Shar & Michael – Photo courtesy of En Fuego Cigar Lounge.

En Fuego Las Vegas website

Don Antonio – Master Roller En Fuego Cigars

En FUEGO entranceEn Fuego Facebook

@EnFuegoCigarLV Twitter

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