Commonwealth Cedar Spills for Cigars

How do you light your Cigar?
There’s many options – like a soft-flame lighter, a torch lighter or a cigar match.
There’s also the “Cedar Spill“.

The spill is my preferred way to light a cigar, providing a flame that is intended to
“roast & toast” your cigar as opposed to the the method of a torch,
which can sometimes lead to scorching your cigar if you rush lighting it.

According to the Commonwealth Cedar Spills website:
“A spill is a slender piece of wood or twisted paper, for lighting candles, lamps, campfires or fireplaces.

Before more modern inventions such as lighters and chemical matchsticks, a cedar spill was the traditional method to light a cigar.

Wood of various lengths, thickness and species were torn into narrow strips and
lit with whatever flame source was handy.

Cigars were slowly roasted and toasted,
allowing the oils and water within the tobacco leaves to slowly smolder, ignite
and reveal almost immediately the full flavor and aroma of the cigar.

A Commonwealth Cedar Spill is specifically designed for the cigar smoker to get the most out of their cigar by enabling the ignition process to start slowly.
This enables the true flavors and aromatics of the tobaccos to come forth as
the cigar maker intended.

Not commonly seen, and used only sparingly today by those
who are either curious or connoisseurs of all things cigar,
a spill is an instrument of refinement.

A spill box filled with Commonwealth Cedar Spills is a unique and discerning gift for the cigar smoker in your life or anyone who enjoys a respite from the routine.
Commonwealth Cedar Spills enhance and extend that time as smoking a cigar should never be rushed…neither should lighting one.

A Commonwealth Cedar Spill: the best way to light and taste your cigar.
Regardless of what method you use to light your cigar, take your time when doing so.”

If you’ve not yet tried lighting your cigar with a cedar spill,
I highly recommend you give it a try.
It’s definitely the most elegant method to get the most from your
premium cigar experience.

Cedar Spills
Commonwealth Cedar Spills

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