Cigar Lovers of the World Unite & Mark your Calendars! 

Cigar Journal
 in conjunction with
Cigar Rights of America
Cigar Rights of Europe
released the following announcement:

The United Nations is an organization that is a world master in making up international days for …
Many of them make sense but demonstrate that some topics in the media and public opinion are underexposed in everyday life.

Cigar Rights of America (CRA, and Cigar Rights of Europe (CRE, http://www.cigarrightsof have agreed to use this instrument and have proclaimed

May 31, 2018, the 1st “International Enjoy a Cigar Day“.

On this day, both consumer organizations want to draw attention to the following:

The cigar is a luxury product, enjoyed by discerning adults as an indulgence, not a habit;
that each premium cigar is a natural product

The enjoyment of cigars can contribute to one’s personal well-being by offering moments of solace, contemplation and fellowship

Premium cigars, versus other tobacco products such as cigarettes, should not be treated the same way by law

Patrons of cigars, and producers and sellers of cigars, contribute to their communities, support charities, and believe in the right to personal freedom

Thousands of jobs are maintained in agriculture, industry, and commerce (above all in countries that need support)

Cigar patrons believe they should have the option to enjoy a cigar where they are welcome. Private property owners, be it retail tobacconists or establishments in the hospitality sector, should have the liberty to set their own rules for the enjoyment of cigars, not governmental bodies that have alternative agendas

Cigar culture should be assigned world heritage status.

For more information, check out the following websites:

Cigar Rights of America
Cigar Rights of Europe
Cigar Journal


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