Cigar Rights of America

I live in a country where the laws on tobacco use, including premium cigars, are so strict that it’s becoming almost impossible to smoke anywhere.
I’m not exaggerating.
Canada, for the most part, doesn’t have the comfortable cigars lounges that #SOTL & #BOTL in other countries enjoy.
Cities in most provinces of Canada don’t have a tobacconist on every corner.
Cities in most provinces of Canada might have Brick and Mortar shops, but rarely do the shops have a seating area where people can gather to socialize or meditate while enjoying a premium cigar.
Shops that sell tobacco must have the product hidden behind unmarked cabinets.
The other option, should the shop-owner choose to have products visible – but only upon entry – is only by ensuring the tobacco products cannot be viewed from outside the store.

Even in the few casinos where smoking is allowed most have a rule of “no brown sticks” … meaning no cigars … but cigarettes are allowed. Figure that one out.

There is also the looming possibility of “plain packaging” for all tobacco products:
white background. small Helvetica lettering.
Huge health warnings covering up to 75% of the package.

Just google “plain packaging cigars” to see images of what might be in store for your area if plain packaging gains a foothold.

This is the landscape that now exists in, or is on the horizon for, many countries around the world.
The anti-tobacco movement … and do not underestimate the power of the groups within that movement … is lobbying, tirelessly, globally.

Cigar Rights of America can act as your spokesperson at all levels of government.
Cigar Rights of America is lobbying, tirelessly, on behalf of all of us who love & respect cigars.
By joining CRA, you are protecting your freedom to enjoy premium cigars … now and in the future.

CRA Grassroots Movement.
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Cigar Rights of America (CRA)

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