Davidoff Cigars Celebrates 50 years! 1968 – 2018

Davidoff Cigars celebrates 50 years of filling cigar lovers’ time beautifully

Davidoff 50 Aniversario Vertical
Davidoff 50 Aniversario

In 1968, the cigar world welcomed a new name and a new philosophy.

The journey of Davidoff Cigars from the origins of its flagship store in Geneva to a global brand with million of followers had begun.


At the head of this journey was Zino Davidoff.  It was his sense of pioneering and innovation that set Davidoff apart from the outset. His restless pursuit of new tobaccos and blends has been the inspiration for all the fine cigars that have since carried the iconic Davidoff ring over the last five decades.

Establishing a centre for excellence in the Dominican Republic in 1991, Davidoff has allowed its Master Blenders to create some of the most original and rewarding cigars in the world.

Davidoff 50 1968-2018 logo

“This is a very special year for us. We look back with pride on 50 years of creating exceptional, original cigars and accessories, but more importantly, we look forward with a great sense of exhilaration to new, unknown horizons that will bring exciting, undiscovered experiences for those who love cigars”
said Charles Awad, Senior Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Davidoff 50 Anniversario

Davidoff Cigars will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a series of events, as well as specially commissioned cigars and accessories that reflect the continued philosophy of enabling its customers to taste the wider world.

Cigar lovers that are eager to enlarge their repertoires with different types of aromas and experiences will particularly enjoy these celebrations.

All activities about Davidoff’s 50th Anniversary will be presented on davidoff.com and will be actively accompanied on social media:
@Davidoff_Cigars | facebook.com/DavidoffCigars1911

Davidoff Cigars 1911
(Credits: © Oettinger Davidoff AG)

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