Imperia Aventador: MLB Cigar Ventures

Imperia Aventador
MLB Cigar Ventures

Imperia Aventador Box MLB Mike BellodyVitola: Pita 5.5 x 44
Provenance: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Dominican Criollo 98
Filler: Dominican & United States / Pennsylvania
Visual: Dark Chocolate wrapper; very appealing to the eye.
Hand-feel: Smooth, rich touch.

@CigarHerf Smoking Experience:
Ignition: Very easy using a soft-flame lighter.
Aromas & Taste:
Raw Draw: Cedar
1st 3rd: Leather
Wood: Oak
Spice: Nutmeg
Spice: Black Pepper
Spice: Liquorice
Final 3rd: Earth

180115 Aventador MLB @CigarHerf

Overall @CigarHerf Impressions:
Mike Bellody, of MLB Cigar Ventures, entered the market with the “Imperia” Cigar Line. Since then, MLB has added the David P. Erlich, Imperia Islero and this cigar,
the Imperia Aventador.
Throughout its history, MLB Cigar Ventures has produced cigars worthy of recognition at all levels of cigar appreciation.
The Imperia Aventador is a jewel in the MLB crown.

180115 MLB Aventador Vertical


Imperia Aventador
MLB Cigar Ventures
Construction: Superb 9/10
Body: Medium – Full 8/10
Strength: Medium – Full 9/10
Balance: Spice Forward 8/10
Complexity: Consistent 9/10
Draw: Excellent 10/10
RetroHale: Superb 9/10
Burn Line/ Endurance: Superb 9/10
Value for Price: Stellar 10/10
@CigarHerf Vibe: 10/10
Smoking Time: 60-90 minutes

@CigarHerf Score: 91 pts.

MLB Cigar Ventures
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@MLBCigarVntures: Twitter

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