Quesada Cigars: 2017 Reserva Privada Barberpole

Quesada Cigars introduces:

2017 Reserva Privada BarberPoles

Quesada BarberPole
Quesada Cigars


Quesada Cigars has released a small allotment of their ultrapremium Quesada Reserva Privada in a barberpole format.

Made with the same 20 year aged binder and filler tobaccos that are found in the first two editions of the Reserva Privada,

the Barberpole utilizes both the
Ecuadorian shade Connecticut
Broadleaf Wrappers

… that cover the natural and oscuro versions of the blend.

The result is a complex, savory cigar that creates a unique, ultra-premium tasting experience.

Only 300 boxes of Robusto and Toro sizes have been produced.
Boxes are packed 10.

Copy courtesy of Quesada Cigars.

Quesada Cigars

Quesada Cigars Twitter

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