ND Cigar Fest 2017 Minot, North Dakota

The 2017 ND Cigar Fest held Aug 5.17 in Minot, North Dakota, was an afternoon filled with contests, games, great food and fantastic cigars.

BotL & SotL from the United States & Canada came together at Elevation / Minot Country Club for the 10th Annual ND Cigar Fest, hosted by Todd Pryor, proprietor of the Great Plains Smoke Shop.

170805 Great Plains Sign

170805 Todd Val 1
Todd Pryor with     Val Bradshaw

In its 10th year, the North Dakota Cigar Fest is a favourite among cigar enthusiasts from throughout the State and attracts many attendees from the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan & Manitoba.

@CigarHerf’s Val Bradshaw pictured here with Todd Pryor, Founder of the ND Cigar Fest.


170805 Josh Rick Val 1a
L-R: Josh Rushlo-Gurkha Cigars. Rick Rutz-Oliva Cigars. Val Bradshaw-CigarHerf

Gurkha Cigars representative Josh Rushlo. Oliva Cigars repesentative Rick Rutz.
Both reps were on hand throughout the event.
There was swag & cigars to the participants of various trivia contests & games of skill.



170805 Val James Long Ash
James T. & Val B. in the final minutes of the ND Cigar Fest     “Long Ash” Competition


James T. & Val B. were up for some friendly competition during the Long Ash challenge.
Mother Nature presented some hurdles with both wind & a drizzle of rain.
But the competitors persevered by pampering their cigars & keeping them away from the elements … as best they could!



We’re proud to say that @CigarHerf’s
Val Bradshaw was part of the team that emerged victorious – achieving the coveted 1st Place finish in the North Dakota Cigar Fest 2017 “Long Ash” competition.
The winning team had their choice of fine cigars as prizes.

Long Ash Winning Team 2
ND Cigar Fest 2017 Long Ash Competition Winning Team

In addition to supporting Cigar Rights of America and Cigars for Warriors, which garnered a generous outpouring of cigars for the troops, another key aspect to the ND Cigar Fest is the Live Auction that raises money for the Gary Sinese “Wounded Warrior Project”. Gary Sinese Foundation

One of the numerous donations for the Live Auction came from Brother of the Leaf Gerald M., a regular attendee who makes the journey to Minot ND from Winnipeg MB.
Gerald generously donated a beautiful Limited Edition Partagas Ashtray & Cigars.
After a flurry of bids, the winner was Michael W. of Minot ND.

170805 Gerald and winner of Partagas Ashtray

Don A. is another generous supporter of the North Dakota Cigar Fest 2017.
170805 Val and Pheasant Hunter

A great time was had by all and we look forward to ND Cigar Fest 2018!

170805 Val Sean Gerald 1
Val, Shaun & Gerald at ND Cigar Fest 2017
170805 Val Ken James 1.jpg
James, Ken & Val at the ND Cigar Fest 2017





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