MBombay Gaaja Robusto 5×54

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Cigar Review by: @DonTheCigarDon / @CigarHerf

The Mbombay Gaaja Robusto from Bombay Tobak is the newest addition to the Gaaja line which the company started launching in 2016.
Gaaja Robusto, which made its debut at IPCPR 2017, uses the same Ecudorian Hybrid wrapper as the Gaaja Toro and Torpedo vitolas.
However the Gaaja Robusto differs from the Gaaja Toro Maduro and Gaaja Torpedo Maduro because they use a Brazilian wrapper.


MBombay Gaaja Robusto…
Ecuadorian Hybrid ( Connecticut Desflorado & Mejorado 2004)
Ecuadorian HVA Seca Mejorada
Dominican HVA Mejorado Ligero, Dominican Criollo 98 Viso, Ecuadorian Criollo 98 Viso, Peruvian Hybrid Habano, Paraguayan Hybrid Habano 2000 Viso

#CigarHerf Smoking Experience
Mbombay Gaaja Robusto
5 x 54

Gaaja-Robusto-vertical (108x640)
MBombay Gaaja Robusto


MBombay Gaaja Robusto Cigar Foot: indicated earthy scents.
MBombay Gaaja Robusto Cold Draw: revealed a hint of spice.

I used a punch cutter because the Robusto is box-pressed and I didn’t want to chance ruining the cap with a V-Cutter or a guillotine cutter.
I used a triple-torch lighter to light the cigar.

The draw was very good and the burn line was straight for the first half of the cigar.

I started noticing a buzz off the MBombay Gaaja Robusto within the first 10 puffs and decided to take it slow.

The cigar started to canoe slightly as I approached the final third but I was able to correct that without having to touch it up with the lighter.
The ash was dark grey and remained solid and straight until it fell off about the first quarter of the cigar.
The heat in the cigar stayed relatively close to the burn line.
The band was very easy to remove and keep intact as I got to the final third of the MBombay Gaaja Robusto.
Once I was finished the cigar I noticed I had a slight buzz.

Overall I would recommend the
Mbombay Gaaja Robusto be enjoyed after a meal
on a full stomach.

Bombay Tabak’s website suggests this cigar can be smoked in
60 minutes.

If one is used to a medium or full strength cigar that may be true.
If one is not used to medium or full strength cigars or is rather new at cigar smoking then this Robusto should be smoked slowly.

Smoking time:
Approximately 2 hours.


The Gaaja Robusto cigar used in this review was graciously supplied by
Mel Shah, owner of Bombay Tobak, at IPCPR 2017.

About Bombay Tobak
“Cigars, for us, are a way of life. The philosophy is simple – use the best tobaccos to make cigars of the highest quality.
Our cigars aim to emulate the fabled cigar culture of Cuba . From selecting prime tobaccos to controlling the intimate details of the aging process, we take multiple factors into consideration to help produce a truly unique smoking experience. Our cigars are hand-rolled in Costa Rica by some of the most experienced hands in the industry and feature intricate bands representative of the artistic nature of our craft.
MBombay was born at the hands of a former IT professional turned cigar store owner with a passion for tobacco. We apply that same attention to detail to each and every cigar, and have spent countless hours working to procure the finest tobaccos and produce a unique line of high-quality products.
If asked why we began this journey, simply put – we felt something was missing.
At Bombay Tobak, we concentrate on aging, proper fermentation,
and the importance of patience.
Using prime tobaccos and a process of experimentation, we’ve discovered creative processes to produce impeccable cigars at a reasonable price point.
In a world of online discounts and freebie offers, we decided to walk a different path.

We hope you’ll join us.”

Facebook: mbombaycigars
Twitter: @mbombaycigars
Twitter: @mbombaycigars
Instagram: @mbombay_cigars
Instagram: mbombaycigars

Gaaja logo: Courtesy of Bombay Tabak.
Don the Cigar DonReview & Cigar Photo Credits: Don Stuike.

Don: @CigarHerf’s “Director of  Event Planning”
Don works tirelessly promoting all aspects of the Cigar Lifestyle.
He’s been immersed in that lifestyle for over a quarter of a century, making him one of the cigar communities most enthusiastic contributors.

Follow him @DonTheCigarDon

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