Lotus Lighters & Smoking Accessories. #IPCPR17

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Lotus Smoking Accessories. #IPCPR17. Booth #1357.

One of the preferred lighters that @CigarHerf uses is the Lotus Vertigo line.
The amount of technology and end-user considerations that go into the production of their Cigar Accessory products is second to none.

Carl Fritz, Brand Manager – Lotus Lighters, walked us through the complete line of their extensive selection of lighters, cutters and ashtrays
While at #IPCPR17, make sure you visit Lotus Lighters at booth #1357 to view the Lotus Lighters line of quality smoking accessories.

Four wind resistant torch flames.
Fold out cigar scissors.
Two integrated cigar punches.
Extra large fuel tank.
Free standing design.
4.5” x 2” x 1.25”
Lights to 12,000 feet.
LBLT20000 black matte.
LBLT20010 chrome matte.
LBLT20020 dark gun matte.



Triple wind resistant torch flames.
Clear fuel tank.
Large flame adjuster.
Sold in a 12-pack.
Lights to 12,000 feet.
3.125 x 1.5 x 1”


The Lotus Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers delivering a broad portfolio of high quality, innovative smoking accessories.
With over 80 different lighter assortments to choose from and retail prices from $120.00 to $6.99, Lotus Lighters offer one stop shopping for every budget.

Check out Lotus Lighters at your local Cigar Lounge or Tobacconist.


Lotus Lighters

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