#IPCPR17 “Let’s Roll” @CigarHerf

Lets Roll ipcpr17 banner

Your @CigarHerf team is in Las Vegas for the 85th Annual IPCPR Convention and International Trade Show.
The event brings together the Cigar producers, Cigar retailers & Cigar media from around the world.
We’ll bring you the latest updates from the world of Cigars! #IPCPR17.

Meet your @CigarHerf #IPCPR17 Correspondents:

val-bradshaw-black-white-valbradshaw-copyVal: @CigarHerf Founder
Val Bradshaw is @CigarHerf’s Director, focused on Cigar Reviews, Cigar News and Cigar Appreciation. Her speciality is Olfactory Recognition & Appreciation for Wine, Whisky, Rum, Spirits & Cigars.
Taste is 80% smell. Aromas never show up alone.
Val can help every enthusiast learn how to isolate aromas and identify them by developing their olfactory vocabulary which culminates in an enhanced appreciation of a cigars.
Val is both an Associate & Media member of IPCPR.
She holds a Lifetime Membership with Cigar Rights of America. As well, Val is one of the international cigar tasting panelists for CigarSense.com.


Don the Cigar DonDon: @CigarHerf Director of Event Planning
Don Stuike is the 1st one to show up for the event and the last one to leave. This ensures every detail of your cigar event is executed with perfection.
Don works tirelessly promoting all aspects of the Cigar Lifestyle. He’s been immersed in that lifestyle for over a quarter of a century, making him one of the cigar communities most enthusiastic contributors.


Martin Kaytor Profile Picture.jpg

Martin: @CigarHerf Director of VIBE
Vibe – is a great word and it perfectly sums up Martin’s view of the Cigar Lifestyle!
“Vibe is about how people interpret the space that’s around them … the space that surrounds them.
Vibe encompasses the scene around us as well as coaxing out the unique charm that exists in people when they are inspired in that environment”.
Martin Kaytor is a man of action, creativity, humour and curiosity … always seeing the big picture and the details within it.


Tim: @CigarHerf Luxury Director & DEAN of LIQUID STUDIES.8rtVJrhR
Tim Brown has the pulse of the cigar connoisseur and the lifestyle that goes with it.
Tim knows his whiskey. His collection ranks among the best in the country. His humidor is filled with some of the finest cigars on the planet.
You never know on which continent you’ll find Tim.
He’s travelled to whisk(e)y producing regions around the world, enjoying drams & cigars – gaining knowledge, friends & followers along the way.
Yet he remains a Man of Mystery.
But it’s no mystery that Tim’s knowledge of all segments in the wine, whiskey & spirits categories is unsurpassed.

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