Davidoff announces the Special Edition 2017 Camacho Liberty

Camacho – the world’s leading brand of bold cigars – announces the launch of the
2017 Camacho Liberty.
Celebrating “Fifteen Years Strong” for the long- standing special edition series.

The Camacho Liberty, starting with its inaugural release back in 2002, has become a staple each year for collectors and aficionados of bold, full-frontal cigars. Camacho Liberty17 OpenBox.jpg

Since its inception, this yearly special edition has launched just ahead of the 4th of July holiday and is a celebratory smoke built to honor the birth of the United States.

The crafting of each Camacho Liberty cigar begins 12 months before the tobacco hits the rolling table, with the final selection drawn from the best concept blends developed over that previous year.
The cigars are then rolled and left to sit for more than 6 months.

The 2017 release is unique, and not just because of the anniversary.
To amp up this year’s blend, more than half of the filler is comprised of high-octane Nicaraguan Corojo tobacco grown in Estelí – a first for the brand and the most Nicaraguan filler ever used in a Camacho cigar.

The format will also be different for 2017.
Instead of the 11/18 rolled since 2005, this year’s Camacho Liberty has been built on the chassis of a 6 x 54 Super Toro.
A wider format, which greatly showcases the spicy and complex taste experience of this new blend.

Camacho Liberty is the pinnacle in our world of Live Loud blends, and this year we raise the bar yet again with a new and impactful taste experience.
We are excited to share this milestone year with aficionados of bold cigars across the globe, and mark the second year this special edition series has been distributed internationally,”
said Dylan Austin, Vice President of Marketing at Davidoff of Geneva USA in a press release. Camacho Liberty17 ClosedBox.jpg

Wrapper: Habano (Ecuador)
Binder: Corojo (Honduras)
Filler: Corojo 99 (Nicaragua), Piloto Cubano (Dominican Republic)

A meaty and complex smoke.
Up-front spiciness from the Nicaraguan Corojo at the beginning, white pepper in the nose and some chili flavors on the tongue.
In the second third, the cigar opens up with elegant and balanced notes of cream, mint with cacao and a hint of salt.
Additional nut and licorice notes emerge in the last third.

Super Toro 20 cigars
6 x 54 RG

All cigars are produced at the new Camacho facility located on the outskirts of Danli, Honduras.

2017 Camacho Liberty.
Launch & Availability:

The new 2017 Camacho Liberty will be launching in the US on Thursday, June 22, 2017.
Across global markets (Germany, Austria, Benelux and Switzerland) from October 2017 onwards.


Camacho is the world’s leading brand of bold cigars, representing the concept of unleashing unmistakable and intense experiences.
Infamous since 1962, the brand has become a sanctuary for the powerful, elemental being who seeks to fill their lives with unapologetic good times.
A combination of rich heritage, excellence and a never-surrender attitude has enabled Camacho to grow into a brand globally recognized as the standard of full-frontal flavor and full-frontal lifestyle.

For more information about Camacho, you can visit http://www.camachocigars.com.
Make sure you follow Camacho …
Photo credits used with permission “© Oettinger Davidoff AG 2016”.

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