Latitude Zero Cigar. Churchill 7×50

Latitude Zero VerticalProvenance: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan
Construction: Solid 
Raw Draw – Foot: Cocoa. Coffee
Raw Draw – Mid: Stone Fruit / Peach
Raw Draw – Head: Mild Tobacco
Cap: Easy Cut
Cigar Raw Draw: Wow! Pepper and some vegetal, but I was overwhelmed at the amount of flavour that came through on the raw draw.

There were many 1st things that struck me about this cigar moment.
The 1st 1st thing I want to mention is how incredible it felt between my lips.
There’s a velvet-like softness to this wrapper on the 1st puff of the Latitude Zero.
It doesn’t feel like that one the hands, but at the cap, on the mouth, it was pretty cool.

While I’m typically not a fan of bands that cover 2 and 7/8ths of a cigar, gotta say, this one totally works. They chose a good paper-stock for it; feels rich in the hand.

Latitude Zero Band VerticalLatitude Zero is actually a very clever double-band.
The compass / logo portion is positioned over the larger map representation of North & South America. Really great design.

The other 1st thing I noticed was the subtle and totally pleasant aromas from the cigar.
Pre-light, the foot had rich cocoa and coffee scents. Mid-cigar delivered really faint stone fruit, like peach. and the cap was almost devoid of aroma.
I like that, mainly because it made me think of something that hadn’t ever crossed my mind before.
If there’s a lot of aroma at the cap of the cigar, how much influence are those aromas having on the full smoking experience?
Let’s face it, whether we realize it or not, whether it’s influencing our cigar aroma experience or not, we’re always smelling the cap/head of the cigar as we lift the cigar to take a puff. There might be a little to much olfactory science to confirm that, but it did make me appreciate not having any external aroma influence at the head of the cigar.

with Cigar Match:
Totally easy. Just a couple of rotations and the entire foot of the cigar started burning perfectly.

1st 3rd: Latitude Zero Cigar:
Aroma: Sweet Milk Chocolate
Taste: Cocoa. Coffee
Smoke Billows: Medium+ with sweet aromatics.
The smoke sticks just a wee bit to the hard palate. It’s a very pleasant experience.
No bitterness, just sweet smoke.
Strength: Medium
Body: Medium – Full
Complexity: Excellent. The aromas & tastes are all working in harmony.

Latitude Zero Churchill half stand CigarHerfAsh fell just before the half.
Unlike some cigars that need TLC after the ash falls, the Latitude Zero just keeps burning.
I like this cigar!

2nd 3rd: Latitude Zero Cigar
Aroma: Earthy. Leather. Pepper
Taste: Meaty. Black Pepper. Chestnut
Smoke Billows: Medium+ 
Strength: Medium+
Body: Medium – Full
Complexity: Transitioning from the sweet to more earthy descriptors gives Latitude Zero a nice development. Ash is a little more ragged, but flavours continue to evolve.

Latitude Zero on Band CigarHerfLatitude Zero’s Band came off intact. A credit to the producer because with posts on Social Media, it’s nice to be able to show the band in its entirety.
The wrapper is more exposed now. It’s got a mottled appearance and, if I can say it, a dusty hand feel. Almost like you expect some residue on your hands when rolling it between your fingers.

Latitude Zero Finale:
Breathing in after taking a puff, there’s a distance mint taste to the palate.
Aroma: Pepper. Leather. Tobacco
Taste: Black Pepper
Smoke Billows: Medium+
Strength: Medium+
Body: Medium – Full
Complexity: The finish on the Lat Zero maintains a Black Pepper spice flavour with earthiness and distinct leather aromas.
Its development gives you lots to think about from beginning to end.
It’s a totally enjoyable smoke.

I’d definitely recommend this cigar to any level of smoker.
Ignition & consistency is first-rate, so for the novice cigar smoker it’s an easy entry-level stick due to its excellent burn rate with no need for correction.
Make no mistake, there’s enough variation in taste & aroma to keep the more experienced cigar-smoker interested.
Smoking time is a 2 hrs+.


The Latitude Zero is available from:
Cigar International
Here’s what they have to say about Latitude Zero & Oliva Tobacco Company:
“Who is one of the largest tobacco growers in the world for over 80 years?
The original grower and creator of Habano Ecuador wrappers?
The tobacco supplier for ultra-premium handmades like Davidoff, Ashton VSG, Montecristo, and many more?
The answer to this riddle is probably one you don’t yet know, but one you should, and one you soon will.
The answer: Oliva Tobacco Company.
At hand is an impressive new boutique brand, crafted only with the top 1% of all their tobaccos.
These tobaccos were secured exclusively by one of Nicaragua’s top factories, and Latitude Zero was born”

… and another cigar you might consider is the Latitude Zero Experimental:
“Experimental Blend is a home run, and is poised to surpass even the original Latitude Zero core line, which would be no easy task. Graced with that extraordinary, easy on the eyes Ecuadorian Cameroon wrapper from 2009 that is literally one-of-a-kind hailing from the fertile farms of Oliva Tobacco Company.
Underneath this fine cloak, a rare Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 binder from Oliva’s La Joya farm envelopes a mix of Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 long-fillers.
Medium-bodied and brimming with nuances of cedar, sweet-spice, and oak, all at an outstanding price, Latitude Zero Experimental Blend is one experimental success”

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