Vicarias White Label by Tre J Cigars

The most important consideration when deciding which cigar to smoke is:
“The Amount of Time you have to Smoke”.
Knowing that I’d be relaxing with my computer early one Sunday morning, I pulled from my humidor the Tre J Cigars Vicarius White Label Double Churchill 7×50.
Provenance: Dominican Republic.
FILLER: Dominican Republic
BINDER: Dominican Republic
WRAPPER: Ecuador Connecticut

Vicarias White Label: Raw aromas / pre-light
Head of Cigar: Fern
Mid-Cigar: Cocoa. Leather. Tobacco.
Foot of Cigar: Caramel
Raw Draw: Gingerbread

Vicarias White Label 1st 3rd
Smoke Billow: Light
Strength: Mild
Body: Light
Aroma: Vanilla
Taste: Creamy Vanilla Yogurt followed by a slight Wood profile on the retro: Cedar
170506 Tre J Vicarias 1 3

Ash fell an inch in. The burn remains consistent which to me is a good on construction of the Vicarias White Label. No correction required after ash fell.

Vicarias White Label: 2nd 3rd
Smoke Billow: Medium
Strength: Medium
Body: Medium
Aroma: Vanilla. Sweet Spice. Cinnamon. Spearmint
Taste: Milk Chocolate

Vicarias White Label: Final 3rd
Smoke Billow: Medium+
Strength: Medium+ … a little more nicotine hit at this point
Body: Medium+
Aroma: Wood influence transitioned from cedar to oak
Taste: Orange-zest. Fresh Walnut. Leather. Slightly stronger Spearmint hit
The sweetness in the early part of the smoke transitioned to earthier/woodsy overtones as it approached the finale.

Vicarias Cigars Logo 2Everything about Vicarias White Label is complete
Silky hand feel, beautiful seams and an excellent triple cap contribute to the obvious pride of workmanship in its construction.
The ash is solid with lovely white to light grey striations.
It’s a complex cigar with flavours and aromas transitioning from green fern & sweet spice on the raw draw to creamy milk chocolate,  cinnamon & refreshing spearmint at mid-cigar.
Vicarias White Label finishes with fresh walnut, heady oak, rich leather and an orange-zest citrus component.

Vicarias White Label is a smoke you can enjoy anytime … it works both in the morning or as your evening relaxation cigar.
This mild-medium cigar has a lot going on during its 2-hour smoke. 
Tre J White Label Churchill notesTasting Notes from Tre J Cigar Website:
Vicarias White Label Connecticut
This is a great cigar that is ideal for game day or just starting your mornings. A generous burn will get you through half-time of the big game or it will make a double bogey on the back nine seem not quite so bad.
Vicarias White Label is a cigar you can proudly share with your friends any time, every time.

TRE J CIGARS is uniquely located in Southwest Ohio. The company owners are Jay Clark, John Johnson and Jerry Garrett.
All three having first names beginning with the letter “J” was an obvious inspiration for naming the company “Tre J Cigars.”

The three “J”s were friends that regularly attended smoking events in their local area. They shared a deep fascination for the cigar industry that went beyond being a mere hobby. They wanted to be in the business, but just getting started was a challenge. Having no background in the cigar business meant starting from scratch
3 years after that start, on March 21, 2014, VICARIAS Cigars was launched nationally at Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio.

It’s worth noting another cigar in the Tre J Cigar line-up: “Invictus”
Invictis Box Shot

During the initial Tre J Cigars phase, Jay had developed a friendship with a great mentor – Master Blender and Cigar Legend – José Blanco.
José graciously created INVICTIS exclusively for TRE J CIGARS at Tabacalera Palma.
Emma Viktorsson conceived the artwork and box design.
Tre J Cigars

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