JFR Maduro Robusto

Provenance: Nicaragua. Jalapa Valley.
JFR Robusto Jalapa Valley Label CigarHerf
Size: 5.5 x 50
Pack: Firm
Distinguishing Characteristics: Pigtail. Closed Foot.
Clean wrapper / nice even veins.
Hand-Feel: Fine Suede.
Label: Black with Silver Lettering.
JFR Label CigarHerf
Raw Closed Foot. Coffee. Cocoa aromas.
Raw Cigar Aromas: Cinnamon. Coconut. Espresso.
Raw Draw: Mint
JFR Robusto Foot CigarHerf Closed Foot
Ignition using Cedar Spill: Super Easy.
Closed Foot helps get just the right light; no charring.
1st Puff: Campfire. Sandalwood
Mild to medium cigar to start.
Not a lot of flavour until about an inch in, then got a hit of popcorn.

Lovely floral aromas in the air.
Draw is just a little tight at the beginning, but manageable.

First Third: Cocoa aroma.
Peppermint on the palate.
Cigar increased to: Medium+ Strength
JFR Robusto 1st 3rd
Black coffee & Dark Chocolate aroma & taste.
Hint of Sandalwood in the air
Earthy. Deep. Dark Cocoa.
No correction needed; good, even burn throughout this JFR Maduro Robusto #Cigar.
Draw increased to excellent.
Ash fell just before the half.
JFR Robusto Half Hint Ammonia CigarHerf
Peppermint on the palate. Very minty – almost palate cleansing refreshment.
No cloying smoke; clean hard-palate.
Beautiful tobacco aroma.
Easy draw continued.

JFR Maduro Robusto Nub
JFR Maduro Nub Cigar Herf
JFR Maduro Robusto needed no correction from start to finish; phenomenal endurance.
Excellent #Cigar experience.
Recommended for any level of smoker.
Body: Medium to Full.
Strength: Medium to Full.
Draw: Excellent.
Ash: Light Grey / Dark Grey.
Smoke-Time: 90 minutes.
JFR Maduro Robusto

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